When do you take applications?

Applications are accepted all year on Monday, and Wednesday, and Thursday, at 8:30 am only, unless the day is a Holiday.

Can I apply online?

No. Applications must be made in person by the applicant.

Is there an application fee or a fee for the Aptitude Test?

There is no application fee or fee for the Aptitude Test.

Is there a fee if I need to reschedule my Aptitude Test?

There is no charge for the Aptitude Test. However, if you need to reschedule, you must notify the Apprenticeship Office at least two days prior to the test. Otherwise, you will be required to pay a $20.00 rescheduling fee.

Do I take the aptitude test the same day as my application?

No. The aptitude test will be scheduled after the application is completed.

I have completed a post-secondary degree program. Do I need to take the Aptitude Test and Math Refresher Class?


I have completed a post-secondary degree program. Do I still need to turn in an official high school transcript?

An official post-secondary transcript with a graduation date will work in lieu of an official high school transcript.

I’m only 17. Can I still apply?

Yes, provided you turn 18 years old prior to registration.

What if I don’t have a Driver License, can I still apply?

Yes. However, a valid Driver License is part of the required paperwork necessary to complete an application and qualify for an interview.

Are there any benefits?

Yes. As of 12/01/2022, apprentices can expect employer paid health insurance coverage, a defined benefit plan (pension), and an annuity that starts in the second year.

What type of work will I be doing?

All types of Inside Electrical Construction (not lineman work). However, the majority of the work performed will be of the commercial and industrial types.

Do I need construction experience?

No, construction experience is not required or expected, but it is welcomed.

How much do I get paid for the on-the-job training?

The rate of pay for apprentices begins at 50% of the Journeyman hourly rate at the start of the first year and progresses to 80% of the Journeyman rate in the last year of apprenticeship. The rate of pay for Journeyman is $36.15 (as of 6/01/2023).

Do I find my own employment?

No. The JATC will coordinate with participating employers to facilitate job placement.

Can I keep my current job?

We will coordinate with each applicant for the transition and initial job placement. After job placement, it is inadvisable to attempt to maintain another job other than the employer assignments provided by the JATC.

Can I get a job close to home?

There are 22 counties in the jurisdiction, and you may be required to work in any of them.

Do I need a vehicle?

Every apprentice is expected to have dependable means of transportation to and from all job assignments.

When does the next semester start?

A pre-requisite Math Refresher class starts in May ahead of the Fall Semester which starts in July. And, a pre-requisite Math Refresher class starts in October ahead of the Spring Semester which starts in January. However, if you are interested in beginning your career in electrical constructions you should not wait to make application. Applicants are interviewed and accepted into the program year-round, with the process of job placement and on-the-job-training beginning as soon as accepted.

Are the classes held at Dallas College – North Lake Campus?

No. All classroom training will take place on site at the North Texas Electrical JATC in Grand Prairie, TX.

Can I take other classes at Dallas College while going through your program?

Yes. Since a degree path is offered through Dallas College – North Lake Campus, you could take the remaining core classes necessary for the degree while going through the program. Although, your class schedule cannot interfere with your on-the-job training, or your classes taken at the Apprenticeship School.

Do you have to have a license to do electrical work?

Yes. Go to the TDLR website for licensing information.

Am I disqualified if I have a felony?

No. However, some felonies are disqualifiers for licensing with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). Therefore, anyone who has a felony is encouraged to apply for a TDLR Apprentice license before the application process.  It is illegal to do electrical work in Texas without a license, therefore those who cannot acquire one will not meet the requirements of the program

Is there a cost for this program?

Yes.  An apprentice can expect to pay roughly $7500 Total ($1500 a year X 5 = $7500).

Do we offer Financial Aid?

No.  Also, tuition is due each semester and must be paid in full.

Can I use my VA benefits?

Veterans in an approved program can use their GI Bill benefits and receive a tax-free stipend. This apprenticeship program is approved for Veterans using their VA education benefits.

What is required to transfer from another JATC electrical apprenticeship program.

The process to transfer to our program from another JATC can be found here.

Our school is hosting a college and career fair. Can someone from your program attend to talk about the benefits of an electrical apprenticeship program?

Yes. We attend college and career fairs in the North Texas Region when times allows. Please reach out to Karsten Frentrup at kfrentrup@ntejatc.org to discuss the details of your college and career fair.